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EA Play im PC Gamepass verschiebt sich aufs kommende Jahr 2021

EA Play wird den weg in den PC Gamepass von Microsoft erst im kommenden Jahr finden. Dies teilte Microsoft nun mit und informierte die User darüber, das man noch mehr Zeit bräuchte, um eine reibungslose implementierung vornehmen zu können.

Folgend der Originaltext :

   “When we originally set out to write this blog post, which would announce the availability of EA Play on PC with Xbox Game Pass, it looked a little bit different. Unfortunately, what had been a celebratory post is now one asking for a little more patience: We made the decision to delay until 2021 the release of EA Play on PC as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate memberships.

We established this partnership with Electronic Arts because they are as passionate as we are about helping people and communities discover great games, and we knew we could provide a great experience for members by working together. In order to deliver on that, we need more time to provide the Xbox Game Pass experience.

We’ll have more to share early next year; as always, we appreciate your support as we work to deliver this experience for our Xbox Game Pass members. Stay tuned for more information.